E-MAG: Four Bases: 2021 MLB Annual



Four Bases is proud to present your unofficial guide to the 2021 MLB Season.


• Previews of all 30 teams
• Predicted win totals,
• Cheat sheets for your fantasy leagues,
• An in depth interview with Eno Sarris (The Athletic)
• The best bets for the 2021 seasons



The magazine is in aid off Princess Alice Hospice, a local end of life hospice based in the South of England. The hospice holds an especially special place in my heart as my Mum worked there for 15 years. Unfortunately on the 6th January 2020 she lost her battle with a Glioblastoma, an exceptionally aggressive type of brain tumour.


After falling in love with the sport of baseball whilst in Florida on a family holiday, going to the ballpark whilst on vacation quickly became a vacation tradition. Of the £10 fee for the magazine, all of the proceeds and profit will be going to Princess Alice. I anticipate this being between £4.50 and £5.00 per magazine sold with an expected cost of each magazine being around £5.00/£5.50.


If anyone would like to read a little more about the Princess Alice then a link can be found below:



E-MAG: Four Bases: 2021 MLB Annual