Underachievers: Catchers - Washington Nationals

MLB Average C Salary- $3,068,224

MLB Average WaR - 1.00

Washington Nationals

o Average C Salary = $3,068,224

o Average WaR = 0.7 (-0.3)

With Bryce Harper likely to be gone come the Winter and the overnight meteoric rise of both the Phillies and Braves, for many people, this is the last roll of the dice for the Nationals before the window closes. Having flirted with the divisional lead during the first half of the season, they now find themselves 1 game under .500 (26th July). For the most part, the Nationals have been largely disappointing- none more so than from the production behind the plate. With only 5 collective homeruns from Matt Wieters (97AB), Pedro Severino (181AB) and Spencer Kieboom (60AB) and none of the three hitting over .235, the Nationals certainly need more from the men behind the dish if they are going to contend in October.

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