Underachievers: Catchers - Cleveland Indians

MLB Average C Salary- $3,068,224

MLB Average WaR - 1.00

Cleveland Indians

o Average C Salary = $3,829,167

o Average WaR = 0.9 (-0.1)

The Indians have been good for a while now, that is no secret to anyone so it may come as a shock to see that the Indians are underperforming behind the plate. They’re currently spending $800,000 above the league average for a catcher, yet are underperforming the league average WaR by -0.1 . It’s a credit to the talent on the Indians roster than Yan Gomes can hit .240 with a .300 OBP but still only be 1percentage point below the average WaR. Amazing Gomes has as many walks (17) as he does base on balls this season- yet has still only amassed an OBP of .300.

The fact that the Indians were happy to part ways with Francisco Mejía, their No.1 prospect in a trade to boost their bullpen, probably goes a long way in signifying that they think Gomes’ productivity will return.

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