Tampa Bay Release Fire

  • The Euro

  • Microsoft became the biggest company in the world

  • Godzilla, Saving private Ryan & Armageddon

  • Brad & Jennifer Anniston

  • Google was founded

  • Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets

  • The Tampa Bay Rays

Q. What do these things have in common?

A. They all turn 20 in 2018

To celebrate their 20th anniversary the Tampa Bay Rays announced that they traded away their best player and face of the franchise, Evan Longoria (I Joke) . No, but really they did do that. In accordance with parting ways with the last man standing from that magical 2008 World Series run the Rays have decided to release some absolute fire throwback uniforms. The uni's which look sure to be a hit with not only fans of the games but fashionista's feature the classic swooping Devil Ray which became so synonymous with 100 loss seasons and an empty ballpark. Ahhh the good old days,

The Rays will wear these uniforms 4 times this season (see below) whilst maintaining a 20th anniversary patch on their left sleeve all year.

  • Sat 31st March vs Boston Red Sox

  • Sat 9th June vs Seattle Mariners

  • Sat 23rd June vs New York Yankees

  • Sat 8th September vs Baltimore Orioles

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