Striking Out From The Batters Box

So if you believe everything that social media throws up, then you have probably already seen the wildly excessive, expensive and prohibitive prices for the 2019 MLB International Series in London.

With tickets ranging from £385 (Premium behind home plate) to right through to £30 for essentially a seat on Hampstead Heath, it appears that MLBUK are doing everything in their power to make this series a failure. Despite securing the two greatest teams in the history of the sport with two of the best rosters, the best rivalry and the two best all round brands- MLBUK had up to this point done a phenomenal job of bringing the sport so many of us love to the UK,

The International series as a whole is an odd spectacle. UK fans of the 28 of the 30 other franchises will go along to celebrate their sport, not for the Yankees, not for the Red Sox but purely to enjoy a sport they love so dearly. There is a good chance that the majority of the audience will only ever have the financial means to watch a game on UK soil and thus exacerbates their excitement and thrill of consuming a live game.

Bringing a game to London, makes real of a sport alien to the majority of us. For all know the games we stay up to 4am in July watching may as well be being played on Mars. Heck- they may as well be playstation games for the influence and locality to us. Its our sport, our retreat.

But I am sorry, these prices are nothing short of a disgrace and an insult to the great fans of this country. There isn't a seat in the lower deck for less than £200. How on earth is a game suppose to grow when the financial wall is so vast? With the tickets priced the way they are- the clientele of the Red Sox/Yankees series aren't going to baseball fans, they aren't going to Red Sox Fans, they aren't going to be Yankees fans and most importantly- they certainly wont be people who arrive not knowing what a base on balls is. In order for baseball to be a success in this country, we need as many people clueless on base hits as there are guys looking at pitch counts and who's up in the pen. I know my anger will go and I know I will end up buying a ticket because I love the sport so much. But the people we need wont. And thats a massive failure by MLBUK.

Just for some context - when the Miami Dolphins hosted the New York Giants in 2007, the tickets were priced between £45-90.

In 2018- Good luck buying a ticket for anything south of £100.

Its an easy argument to make finally and is a little comparing apples with oranges. But myself and Ben have been HUGLEY fortunate enough to visit 10-15 MLB stadiums in the US. Having sat in the Yankee bleachers, to the Wrigley bleachers to behind home plate at Busch stadium - we have never ever ever ever paid more than $50 for a ticket each.

Charging $300/£200 for a baseball game goes against everything baseball stands for. Its America's past time, a family event, a sporting celebration. Gone are the days of buying peanuts and a beer and getting change out of a note. Here are the days of getting priced out a sport you dream of watching at the expense of co-operate suits.

Whatever happens, I know deep down, the greatest enjoyment I can have from baseball is at 2am, on my sofa watching MLBTV.

Godbless MLBTV

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