Renewed Hope

t's been a tough week. Not only did my New England Patriots lose Superbowl LII to the Philadelphia Eagles in Minnesota . Not only did I stay up to 5am to watch it. I also took half a days holiday to cope with the hangover and tiredness. The whole thing was futile.

As I walked back over Waterloo Bridge on Monday morning on my way to get the first train home (I haven't got the first train since my university days and lack of money to afford a taxi), I was looking for optimism. I was looking for a reason to look forward to something. It didn't take long. It didn't take long at all. That thing was baseball.

Right now there are 30 teams yet to lose a game, there are roughly 750 players yet to strike out or yet to give up a run.

The days are getting longer, the temperature getting warmer and the calendar getting closer to Opening Day.

Baseball is coming.

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