Overachievers: Catchers - Seattle Mariners

MLB Average C Salary- $3,068,224

MLB Average WaR - 1.00

Seattle Mariners

o Average C salary = $1,276,853

o Average C WaR = +1.1

When conducting this piece of research, I couldn’t quite believe that the Mariners catchers had an above average WaR. For the most part Zunino and co have been brutal behind the plate. Zunino has hit .188 with an OBP of .251, Freitas has hit .192 with an OBP of .267 whilst both Herrmann and Marjama are both yet to break the .220 BA mark. But the value only comes when you dig a little deeper, Zunino has 12 long balls on the year and has been incredibly successful at moving baserunners and creating quality at bats.

The M’s currently find their men behind the plate being nearly $1.8m under the league average, yet still outperforming the average major league catcher considerably. This leaves the impression that if Zunino and co can work resolve their average and OBP issues, this could quickly become one of the league’s premier value for performance catching departments

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