Overachievers: Catchers - Miami Marlins

MLB Average C Salary- $3,068,224

MLB Average WaR - 1.00

Miami Marlins

o Average C salary = $1,950,000

o Average C WaR = +1.5

Having said goodbye to Christian Yelich, Giancarlo Stanton and Marcel Ozuna and arguably baseballs most complete outfield in the off-season, there was forlorn hope surrounding the future of this team. Despite the cloud over Marlins Park, the productivity from behind the plate has been something to behold. Led by former all-star J.T Realmuto and his .304/.355./.529 slash line, the Marlins have been somewhat of a revelation. Having belted 14 home runs from behind the dish, the fish have certainly outperformed their $1,950,000 catcher payroll. Of course it helps that Realmuto is still pre arbitration (2019), but the +1.5 WaR , 0.5 games greater than the league average is nothing to be sniffed at.

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