Overachievers: Catchers - Cincinnati

MLB Average C Salary- $3,068,224

MLB Average WaR - 1.00

Cincinnati Reds:

o Average C salary = $2,397,480

o Average C WaR = +1.1

Having found themselves at the bottom of the NL central at the all-star break with a record o4 33-53, I think it would probably come as a surprise to most Cincinnati Reds fans and followers that they were over achieving at any position. But look no further, in the first half of the 2018 the men behind the plate have vastly exceeded expectation. Led by every day starter, Tucker Barnhart (.248/.328/.349) the Reds have managed to outperform the MLB average WaR for catchers by 0.1, whilst saving nearly $700,000 in the process. Barnhart has had a great first half of 2018 and has had some great backup in the shape of Curt Casali (.280/.368/.460) and Devin Mesoraco (.220/.289/.341). Whilst the future for the remainder of the season may not be so bright, there is certainly reason for hope behind the plate in Ohio.

*All stats as of the time of writing

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