7 Fun Facts About Brandon Belt's AB

As I am sure you have already seen, yesterday Brandon Belt managed to record the longest ever plate appearance in the history of the Major Leagues with his at-bat lasting an incredible 21 pitches. After fouling off 16 two strike pitches Belt eventually lined out to right fielder, Kole Calhoun.

Belt - "I wasn't going to give it up and the pitcher wasn't either, it made for a good battle. If it helped get me a little bit locked in for later in the game, it was worth it.''
"I tried some changeups and used all my pitches, then finally with a fastball in I got him out"Yeah, there were some good pitches that I threw to him, especially with the curveball. But in the end, he kept making contact and fouling them off."

The number of pitches Brandon Belt saw in the first inning was greater than:

  • The number of times Clayton Kershaw pitched into a 3-0 Count in 2017

  • The number of sliders thrown by Brandon McCarthy in 2017 (19 out of 1447)

  • The number of times Rafael Devers had a 2-0 count in 2017 (20)

  • The number of sinkers thrown by Sean Manaea in 2017 (2 out of 2692)

  • The number of times Sterling Marte had a 3-0 count in 2017 (5)

  • The number of curveballs thrown by Francisco Liriano in 2017 (13 out of 1750)

  • The number of change-ups thrown by Vance Worley in 2017 (7 out of 1258)

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